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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to get started?
How much does a memorial cost?
Is it possible to design, purchase and install a memorial before it’s actually needed?

The Cemetery information: name of the cemetery, location of the plot, ownership and most importantly, the size of the plot. This information is essential for following the cemetery’s rules and getting approval from it. Each cemetery has their own rules and guidelines along with fees for setup and maintenance of the monument.How much does a memorial cost?

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There are many factors at play. Cost is based on monument size, shape, colour and design. A memorial is meant to last forever. Making your decision based solely on cost alone is not wise. Quality and workmanship are often sacrificed with a "cheaper" monument. At Westwood Memorials, we put in the same attention to detail and precise workmanship to every one of our monuments regardless of size or cost. We have monuments available in all sizes and shapes, suitable for all budgets. For pricing information, please contact us at the numbers listed below or on our Contact Us page.

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This is called Pre-need or Pre-planning and is very common. You can have your memorial manufactured and stored in our facility or it can be installed in the cemetery. In either case, the final dates can be added either at our plant or in the cemetery. There are several advantages to arranging your memorial in advance such as cost control, peace of mind and timeliness of installation.

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